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東京の三人組ロックバンド。2018年6月に1st Mini Album『Vital Signs』をリリースし全国的な活動をスタートさせる。2019年4月には2nd Mini Album『FLAWLESS YOUTH』をリリースし、バンド初となる全国ツアー「FLAWLESS YOUTH TOUR 2019」を行った。2020年5月には3rd Mini Album『INVOKE』をリリース。コロナ禍によるツアーの中止を挟みつつ、2020年11月に「INVOKE TOUR FINAL ONEMAN」を開催した。2021年3月、初のデジタル・リリースとなる『Telephone Box』、4月に2nd Digital Single『月夜に提灯』をリリース。5月にはコロナ禍の心情を書き留めた楽曲をパッケージした1st Digital EP『IRREVERSIBLE OK?』をリリース。6月、3rd Digital Single『やさしさパラドックス』リリース。8月、4th Digital Single『透命花火』をリリース。9月、ライブ会場限定CD『Caramelic Love』リリース。10月、5th Digital Single『告白』リリース。2022年1月、6th Digital Single『リブラ』リリース。3月、初のフルアルバム『My FRAGMENTS+』リリース、全国ツアーを開催予定。あらゆるジャンルをポップに昇華させる既存のフォーマットに囚われない音楽性が特徴。コンポーザーである陶山良太による、自身が苦悩が元になった独自の視点を持ちながらも普遍的な歌詞世界、スリーピースながらもテクニカルなアレンジが日本の音楽シーンの中でも異彩を放つ。

Three-piece rock band based in Tokyo. In June 2018, they released their first mini album “Vital Signs” and started playing nationwide. Their second mini album “FLAWLESS YOUTH” was released in April 2019 and they held a national tour “FLAWLESS YOUTH TOUR 2019,” which was the first time for them. In May 2020, they released their third mini album “INVOKE”. After the suspension of their tour due to the COVID-19, “INVOKE TOUR FINAL ONEMAN” was held in November 2020.  In March 2021, they released “Telephone Box,” which was their first digital one, and “Lantern on Moonlit Night” in April. The first digital Ep “IRREVERSIBLE OK?” was released in May, in which songs expressing the feelings along with the pandemic are gathered. In June, the third digital single “Kindness Paradox” was released. In August, the fourth digital single “Invisible Fireworks” was released. In September, “Caramelic Love,” the limited edition of the concert venue, was released. In October, the fifth digital single “Kokuhaku” was released. In January 2022, the 6th digital single “Libra” was released. In March, They released “My FRAGMENTS+” which was their first full album. Their music sublimes various genres into pop without being a slave to the existing format. Lyrics based on the suffering of Ryota Suyama, a composer of PLOT SCRAPS, tell you his original perspective and take you into the universal world filled with love. They stand out among the Japanese music scene because of their highly skilled arrangement and performance despite being a three-piece band.

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